What can you expect from Recruiting Resources?

After the initial registration and application process has been successfully completed you can expect the following from us:

  • A recruiter will contact you to discuss assignment opportunities that match your criteria.

  • You have no obligation until you sign an agreement for a specific job.

  • Recruiting Resources will present your profile to our client. We will first obtain your permission to do so. During this presentation, your identity will not be disclosed.

  • Recruiting Resources will assist with the credentialing and licensing process and any necessary travel and housing arrangements.

  • You will be presented an assignment orientation sheet prior to the assignment. This sheet will provide assignment information such as directions to the facility and lodging arrangements, who to report to on the first day and at what time, etc.

  • Recruiting Resources will stay in touch with you during the assignment.

  • Recruiting Resources will conduct an assignment evaluation with you and also discuss future opportunities when the assignment is completed.

  • If you accept a permanent position with a facility introduced to you by Recruiting Resource, understand that the facility will pay Recruiting Resources a placement fee.

Our staff works one on one with you to insure that every assignment is a positive experience. A short debriefing will take place after each assignment to address mutual concerns and/or to gather additional information to foster a smooth working relationship.


What Recruiting Resources expects from you


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