Career Transition to Locum CRNA

Becoming a Locum CRNA


David wasn’t always a locum tenens CRNA. He spent the first 20 years of his career as an ICU nurse, but as staffing dwindled and intensity increased he knew it was time for something new. At 45 years old, David decided to go back to school and become a locum CRNA. “Life is too short to stay in a job that is making you unhappy, so I had to make a change. Besides marrying my wife, being a CRNA is the best choice I have ever made.” 

David currently works at a progressive practice in Minnesota. “I have been doing Locum CRNA work for 10 years now and this is easily my favorite location. Everyone is so willing to teach and to learn.” Being that Marshall is only 90 minutes from David’s home, this assignment has given him added income and flexibility with the option to be home whenever he wants.

David CRNA

Fast Track to Locum Life

Unlike most CRNA’s David decided to go locum right out of CRNA school. He admits this was stressful but worth it! “Find a job and situation that fits you and your lifestyle. You don’t have to work at a place with supervision to get experience.  If you want an independent practice, go for it.”

Half-time is the New Full-time

The flexibility and pay bump associated with Locum CRNA work has freed up David’s time to pursue other passions such as woodworking. “Half-time is my new full-time.  My time off is quickly filled with friends and family. My personal hobby is woodworking. I love the whole process. I harvest my own logs, take them to the sawmill, and then make things that I find interesting or challenging. I am currently working on some charcuterie boards to sell for the holidays and a set of end tables for my friends.”

David Woodworking

Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable As A Locum CRNA


David made the transition from full-time to locum tenens CRNA later in his career. He found it helpful to work with Recruiting Resources, who understood his qualifications and were able to find him the perfect assignment to fit his lifestyle. “I have only worked with three travel agencies. Since I started with Recruiting Resources I have not even talked to another company.  They are simply wonderful to work with.  My recruiter helps with everything: travel, credentialing, licensing, and negotiations. They help set my schedule so I get the time off I want. I know for a fact I make more than some individuals who have done their own contracts. It is really hard for me to explain how good they are to me. I feel like they are my friends who always have my back.”

If you are interested in becoming a CRNA or transitioning to a Locum CRNA, contact us to understand your options. We can connect you with jobs that offer flexibility, higher hourly rates, and work-life balance.