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Whether you’re a seasoned CRNA provider or soon-to-be grad, our experienced team will use our 20+ years in the anesthesia industry to connect you with the perfect CRNA jobs. Our recruiters take pride in learning our providers’ strengths, skills, schedule, and geographic preferences so we can create the best match for all parties.

Is Locum Tenens Right for Me?

Our locum CRNA job assignments are a great way to earn extra income (almost double the wage of W-2 CRNA employees) and keep those skills sharp. They can often provide a better work-life balance while allowing you to experience new locations.  

    CRNA Salary

    Do I have enough experience to Locum? 

    Most facilities request 2 years of current CRNA experience for locum opportunities. But some hospitals and hospital systems consider new graduates.

    What setting in right for me?
    Staying within your skill set will be the key to your success. When considering locum opportunities, your existing skillset should match the client’s need as orientation is limited.

    Where can I go?

    The world is your oyster! Recruiting Resources contracts nationally. Most of our clients include housing, per diems and travel as part of your package.

    What’s the first step?

    It’s actually pretty simple, just provide us with your CV by clicking the link below. Your recruiter will go through all open CRNA jobs based on your preferences and get to know you and what you value. 

      Looking for a Permanent CRNA Job?

      Searching for full-time CRNA jobs? We understand the frustrations that many providers encounter when going it alone. Let us navigate the process so your CV doesn’t get lost in an application black hole. Our agency has the experience to find the right fit for our candidates and we work directly with influencers and decision makers to secure the interview and keep the process moving to a conclusion.

        CRNA Jobs

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