Locum Tenens Physician Assistant Opportunities

Physician Assistants are in High Demand!

Physician assistant demand is set to increase at a significantly higher rate than the aggregate of all other healthcare professions over the next few years by a margin of 2.5 to 1.5  This overall demand necessitates an increase in locum tenens physician assistants to fill the vacuum. Becoming a locum tenens physician assistant provides for freedom and flexibility from the doldrums of a regular staff position while providing unmatched earning potential. Additionally, you will be afforded the opportunity to explore new places, set your schedule and build your professional network. It’s like a fresh start every few months and since facilities need help everywhere, there are a variety of opportunities.

Who Decides to Locum?

Typically, facilities require 1-2 years experience before a provider can locum for them.  Most locum tenens physician assistants find the schedule to be a good lifestyle fit near the beginning or end of a career. Some even return to the field after retirement to become a locum. Please contact us if you would like to find out more about our exciting opportunities. Whether you are a veteran locum provider or someone looking to start their career as a locum, we have something for you!

Benefits of Locum Tenens:

  • Enjoy the ability to make your own schedule and take off as much time as you like in between assignments!
  • Explore the country while getting paid!
  • Find the right fit without having to commit
  • Double your income
Locum Tenens Physician Assistant Working

Where can I go?

There is unprecedented flexibility in the opportunities available as a locum. Our recruiters will get to know you, what your values and objectives are, and match you with the perfect Nurse Practitioner positions, as a locum or fulltime employee wherever that may be!

Locum Tenens Travel Map

Permanent Positions for Physician Assistants

If you’re searching for permanent Physician Assistant positions, we understand the frustrations that many providers encounter when going it alone. Let us navigate the process so your CV does’nt get lost in an application black hole. Our agency has experience finding the right fit for our candidates and we work directly with influencers and decision-makers to secure the interview and keep the process moving to a conclusion. New grad? No problem. Let us partner as career consultants to get the best package for yourself as you look to enter the workforce. 

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