Locum Life – The Pros and Cons with CRNA Kevin

The Benefits of Locum Life


Meet Kevin! Kevin is living the locum life on assignment in Minnesota. He has worked at facilities across North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota, and is currently working on licensing in several other states to expand his footprint and allow for more contract opportunities. When he’s not working you will find him driving major thoroughfares and immersing himself in the human geography of whatever region he is visiting. We asked Kevin to share how contract work compares to permanent employment.

Freedom and Flexibility

When asked what he likes most about being a locum, Kevin answered in one word… Freedom. “It’s a bit cliché to boil it down in such a way buts it’s truly the most accurate description. Time frames, facility types, practice styles, etc are all open. It also extends outside of work. If I want to visit family for a week I can. If I want to go skiing, or camping, or traveling for any amount of time, that is my prerogative.”


Locum vs. Permanent Positions

Kevin’s upbringing in agriculture taught him to appreciate flexibility and irregular work schedules, preparing him for locum life. “The ability to customize my work environment and work schedule was too enticing to continue full-time permanent employment. Growing up working in agriculture instilled in me a proclivity for asymmetrical working schedules. One week it’s too wet and you’re working at a relaxed pace on side projects and the next week it’s harvest time and 80+ weeks are in order. The same is true for locum anesthesia or healthcare work. With locum work, the ability to customize that schedule to your liking is enhanced.”

Kevin Yackley CRNA

Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

But with flexibility comes challenges. Moving frequently means that Kevin is always learning. “There are two main challenges that I’ve encountered. The most prominent is becoming familiar with new facilities and everything that comes along with it, clinically and culturally. It feels a bit like being a perpetual student, constantly asking questions, leaning on colleagues to achieve patient safety and positive outcomes, and getting comfortable with new workflows and techniques. One must become comfortable being uncomfortable to thrive.

“The less obvious challenge is the transient nature of the lifestyle. My father would describe it as living ‘a dog’s life’. Whether it be the extended windshield time, variable quality of continental breakfasts, packing/unpacking/packing, heavy reliance on local recommendations for eateries/recreation, or just the occasional bout of loneliness. The locum life can be an uphill climb.”


Relationships Matter

Kevin has also learned that it’s nice to rely on a recruiting firm like Recruiting Resources to piece the puzzle together. “The team at Recruiting Resources has been a joy to work with throughout the process. During anesthesia school, I initially spoke with Christi about my interest in one day doing travel work. I thought my inquiry into the idea would end there but seeing the team at every state conference and speaking with them and others led me to become more encouraged to make the move. Since that time their team has expanded and each new member I encounter and work with has shared that same energy and direction. I feel confident in their ability to assist and support me in my assignments and more than anything I feel a great deal of trust in our working relationship. They align all the pieces of the puzzle to allow me to do what I enjoy doing – seeing new regions/facilities and helping patients through anesthesia.”

Learn more about how Recruiting Resources can help you transition from a permanent position to locum life and contact us today!