Veteran Spotlight: Dr. Andrea Roberts

Honoring Our Veterans


We are so grateful for our providers, especially those who have spent time serving our country. Today, we wanted to feature a very special Locum and Veteran, Dr. Andrea Roberts. Andrea did her anesthesia schooling with the Army’s anesthesia program and was a student during 9/11. This gave her the opportunity to learn how to clinically provide independent care for her patients, many of whom were active duty soldiers and veterans. Andrea was stationed at a facility where she saw patients return from overseas and combat zones. “It was an honor to take care of those who had sacrificed so much for our freedom,” Andrea said. “I have made many bonds that will last a lifetime.” 

Growing Up in the Military

Andrea grew up in a military family. This upbringing shaped her future long before entering the service herself. “My time in the military impacted me in many ways. The military provided opportunities for education and a pathway to develop leadership. I was able to grow as a nurse, as a provider, as a soldier, and a leader. The military has always been a part of my heart and will always be a part of my identity.”


Transitioning to Locum Life

After her time in the service, Andrea transitioned to a locum CRNA which has allowed her both flexibility and the opportunity to travel. “I love having opportunities to be an locum provider! I can choose how much or how little I want to commit. I can travel to different practice types and different locations,” Andrea said. “In some ways, it is comparable to the military in that I have created relationships that will last a lifetime!”

Her favorite Locum assignment was time spent in Pipestone, Minnesota. “I love rural anesthesia, and connecting with my patients with a more holistic approach. Small communities offer an opportunity to spend more time with patients pre, intra, and post op. The connection is very personal.”

Andrea Roberts
Andrea Robers, Locum CRNA

Continuing to Lead

Dr. Andrea Roberts is currently the Interim Program Director for the Graduate Program in Nurse Anesthesiology for Mount Marty College. She was also recently named the President of the Minnesota Association of Nurse Anesthetists.

If I could share any tips or wisdom with other Locum anesthesia providers, it would be to go and be open to learning. Every place and every provider does things slightly different. Be open to learn something new, and in return, you will be able to share your tips and tricks. Make friends and make the most of your experiences.” 

Thank you Andrea for everything you have done for our country and continue to do for the anesthesia practice.